Apartment FAQ's

Check-in & Check-out Times

Check-in:    3:00 pm

Check-out:  11:00 am

Let us know if you would like to request any adjustments

Weekly Apartment Cleaning

The apartment is cleaned every week on Wednesday unless you are checking out that week.  Expect the cleaner to be in the apartment for approximately 2-3 hours.   

All bed sheets and dirty towels will be changed and the entire apartment will be cleaned including the kitchen and bathrooms.

Please try and keep your personal items and the apartment in good order to facilitate cleaning.

Please keep in mind that the the cleaner will not be doing dishes or personal laundry unless previously arranged.

WiFi and Internet

The apartment has 600 Mbps fiber internet and mesh wifi.  There are 3 nodes: Living Room (Main Node), Guest Bedroom, and Master Bedroom. 

When all the nodes are working properly there will be a white light on top of the routers.   If there is a red light there is a connectivity issue and it may need to be reset.  Many times it will fix itself in a matter of minutes.  If the main node in the living room is red turn off the power strip in the cabinet under the TV wait for 5 seconds then turn it back on.  Everything should reboot in about 5 minutes.

The modem is below the TV (white box) and when everything is working properly there will be 4 solid green lights.

Using the Oven


Oven Knob.PNG